Out with the old…

For some,  2009 was a banner year, full of blessings and fabulousness. For others – a lot more others – 2009 was a disaster. For us, 2009 was “the year of treading water”, a year in which not a lot happened.

Financially, we are slightly worse off due to inflation, and have not put a penny into retirement savings this year… but when I think of how many people lost their homes I am not complaining.

I thought that I would round out the yeart by rounding-up the year’s biggest winners and losers…


  • Turf  Tailors: A local landscaping firm who did a wonderful job giving us a beautifully green and weed-free lawn. Highly Recommended.
  • My Church: It is so nice to find a church that is focused on going into the world instead of hiding from it.
  • Mozilla – for the excellent Firefox Browser, which has been a thorn in Microsoft’s backside for many years – long may this happy state of affairs continue!
  • Microsoft – for finally fixing the disaster that was Windows Vista…


  • My employers: They started the year by discontinuing the 401k match – no big deal – but then they followed it up by and my employers robbing me of six days of agreed-upon paid vacation. Legal? Yes. Ethical? Definitely not.
  • Discover Card: They kept changing the rules until the card was not longer worth keeping. Byeee…
  • Bank of America: Long story; I’ll tell you about it sometimg
  • Microsoft – for finally fixing the disaster that was Windows Vista… then calling it “Windows 7 (it’s actually version 6.1) and charging their customers for the upgrade.
  • The morons who send junk phone calls and junk text messages (which cost me money!) to my cellphone – even though the number is on the Federal  do-not-call list – while hiding who they are and how to avoid receiving any more of their garbage.
  • Terminix: Another long story – watch for a more detailed post.
  • Anyone who tells me how important my call is instead of answering the damn phone!
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