Wally of the week: Terminix.

When I purchased my house, it came with a Termite warranty. This warranty is renewed at the end of every year.

Every September, they send me a bill.

They send me another one in October…

…and another one in November…

…and another one in December…

…and another one in January.

These folks must hate trees. But that, while silly, is not worthy of a rant by itself.

Last year I decided to pay the bill online for the first time. So when time came to pay the bill once again, I did the same thing again. Sign on… authorize a payment from my saved Debit Card, get confirmation… done.

Easy. Or so I thought. Until I received an e-mail from them stating that the Debit Card had been declined. I soon realized why: Last year the card expired and was replaced by an identical one with a different expiry date. Thinking that this would be speedily fixed, I replied to the e-mail.

The reply bounced. Apparently the sender’s e-mail address – “prd.vger@terminix.com” – was bogus, even though the message was genuine. Apparently it never occurred to them that someone would actually reply to one of their e-mails. I replied with a general inquiry to “webmaster@terminix.com“.

That one bounced, too. What the…

I figured that a “bounced” payment would ring some alarm bells. So I waited for them to get back to me. Weeks went by.

Finally, I went back to the website. All payment links had disappeared. How odd…

In disgust I finally phoned them up and did a payment down the phone.

I have no disrespect for the local folks who go out and kill termites every day. But whoever is running the website office needs to have their head examined.

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