All in the Price

One of my best friends works as a Pharmacist. He informs me that the majority of students currently in Pharmacy school are women. The majority of them, upon graduation, work for 2-5 years, then get married. Shortly after that they “punch out a coupla kids” and stop working…

…for five years or so. Once the kiddos are in school, they come back, but only part-time. They will only work days, they will not work evenings or nights. Their children are their first priority and rightly so.

As a result, the evening and night shifts are almost completely male. If someone is needed to fill in for someone on one of those shifts, there is no point in asking those ladies – they will refuse, and you cannot make them work those shifts.

Now for a thought experiment: Imagine that you are the manager of a pharmacy and two young candidates, fresh out of pharmacy school – alike in every way, only one is a man and one is a woman – present themselves for interview.

Who are you going to choose?

How much would you be willing to pay them?

Sexism or free-market economics? You decide.

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