Shame on you, Microsoft

Yesterday, being the second Tuesday of the month, was Patch Tuesday. This is normal.

As usual, Microsoft released a dozen or so patches. This, too is normal.

What is not normal is that when I went to restart one of the five machines in my house, I saw this:

Microsoft recommends and defaults to automagically installing updates. This is right, reasonable and proper, and what I recommend to most users. I, however, am a Geek, and I like to know – and control – what is happening on my machines, so they are all set to “download and notify”. That is: Download the updates and notify me;  I will control the installation process.

The above screenshot shows that one or more of the patches (two, in this particular case) were sneaked onto my machine without telling me and against my express wishes. This seems to indicate that Microsoft apparently views my freedom of choice with contempt.

What is worse is that they could not be bothered to mention the fact that they sneaked these patches onto my systems; nor did they mention that a reboot is required. In fact, the only way I would know is if I went to shutdown or reboot.

Since some of my machines go for weeks between reboots, this is alarming. Since the updates do not take effect until the machine has been rebooted, this means that a machine could be vulnerable without my even realizing it.

Shame on you, Microsoft. Shame, shame, shame.

Now Reading: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Corey Doctorow

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