Tax Day Thoughts

According to a survey by CNN Money, 3/4 of Americans say the Government wastes their tax dollars (the the other 25% are apparently either asleep or not paying attention)

  • 47% of Americans pay no income tax.
  • Half the public believe that the tax system is unfair. Therefore half the public believe that the tax system is fair (that would presumably be the half that does not pay taxes).
  • The top 20% of wage-earners pay 70% of the taxes.
  • Those earning over $200,000 will be paying even more taxes to pay for Obamacare™
  • Obamacare™ will not kick in until 2014, but the tax raises will kick in next year (after they have been squeezing “the rich” for two years).
  • 6 in 10 think that the Bush Tax Cuts (enacted in 2001, set to expire this year) should be made permanent.
  • A quarter of Americans think that the Internal Revenue Service should be abolished (we have already established that half the population pay no taxes or actually get money from the IRS – so that 25% represents half of those who pay tax).

Makes you think…

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