Yesterday was a great day for Kentucky. Rand Paul won the Republican nomination for the Senate election this November.

I had hoped that it would happen, but did not think that it would. Rand was up against some pretty tough competition. He was branded by the media as “the Tea Party candidate”, and painted by most of the media as a Raving Rightie. Even his own party heavily endorsed his main opponent, Trey Grayson, who waged one of the dirtiest campaigns that i have ever seen.

Rand was endorsed by Jim Bunning, (whose seat Rand will be fighting for in November), and Sarah Palin (which may be an asset or a liability). Most telling of all, James Dobson initially endorsed Grayson but switched to Paul after he spoke with Paul and realised that he had been “misinformed” (that’s policalspeak for “I was lied to”… but by whom?).

Grayson represented the establishment and the Republican Party as it is, Paul represented a return to the old ways of limited Government and reduced spending. Kentucky Republicans yesterday delivered the smackdown to the establishment, with Paul netting nearly twice as many votes as Grayson.

Rand’s father, Ron Paul – dubbed “Doctor No” after his habit for voting against bills for which there is no clear constitutional mandate – is often regarded as the only honest man in Washington. Electing Rand this November will give us two.

To quote Han Solo “You’re all clear, kid – now let’s blow this thing and go home!

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