Anti American

I have a bit of a problem with American Airlines.

It started some years ago, when my Mother was flying from Dallas Fort Worth to London Heathrow. She has difficulty walking, and requires wheelchair assistance. Unfortunately that “assistance” entailed parking her in a room with a bunch of other disabled people, and forgetting about her for hours, during which time she a) starved, and b) nearly missed her flight.

I complained to AA, and they sent me a coupon for $100 off any future flight. When I went to redeem it some years later, they pointed out the small print; it was only valid for twelve months from the date of issue. No, they “couldn’t” renew it – too bad, so sad…

But wait! There’s more! A couple of months ago she was flying from New York to London. The flight was delayed. The passengers were invited to deplane and were given $10 vouchers with which to get themselves something to eat…

Except for the wheelchair passengers. They were left in their seats and offered NOTHING…

…for three hours.

Unsurprisingly, Mother has said that that she will never fly with AA again; I don’t blame her.

I am beginning to detect a pattern here. Apparently American Airlines does not care much for those who have difficulty walking. And there is not much point in complaining either, since the purpose of Customer Service seems to be to tell the customer “NO”.

MiLady and I are flying to London soon. We went with British Airways – even though AA was more than $200 cheaper.

Cos that is how we roll…

…or rather, Fly.

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