When you are hungry in a strange city, finding good food can be hard. Oh, sure, there are plenty of fast-food places to tempt your palate with first-class marketing and third-class food, but if you find yourself in search of something real that isn’t covered in batter, dipped in fat or smothered in salt or sugar.

We stumbled into this place, only a few miles south of Chicago’s O’Hare airport, purely by accident. We had booked into a nearby hotel and were hungry. A family-run restaurant, the appearance and decor are “lived-in”. If you are all about appearances, this place won’t impress — off to McDonald’s with you! However, if you are looking for good home-cooked food, this is a welcome change from the mass-produced, mass-marketed stuff out there.

My personal favorite is the “Greek Plate Dinner” — half a chicken on a bed of rice with a piece of pressed, toasted flatbread. We ordered one — with a side order of greek potatoes — to go.

We took it back to the hotel, and with their permission we set up and ate our meal in the breakfast area. We collected many intrigued looks from folks checking in, and I’m sure that the smell of roast chicken must have drove them nuts. The food was delicious.

We have been back there twice since then — once with family. All were impressed by the food. We will return.


(and we did — twice more before the end of the year)

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