Memories of England

  • Fish, Chips and Cod Roe
  • Horribly expensive petrol (gasoline) – more than twice the price that it is in the USA. And remember that Britain is a net exporter of oil…
  • People all saying “Hiya” when they mean “Hello”. Wassup wid dat?
  • 3-ply toilet rolls! Yeah!
  • Insanely small cars
  • Eastern European men everywhere. Where did they all come from? (Eastern Europe, you idiot!)
  • The UK passport office is the most amazingly efficient branch of any Government that I have ever dealt with.
  • Nobody speaks English anymore. Not even the TV announcers, who now sound like a cross between East End wide boys and Australians.
  • Sharing a kebab with Milady at the Olympic Fish & Chip shop on Church Lane
  • UK security folks seem to be so much “nicer” than their US counterparts…. but that might be because I am a UK citizen. Time will tell…
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