Not so “Premier”

We recently spent three nights at the Premier Inn St Austell (September 10-12).

We booked a twin room and a double room. What we got were two identical family rooms. Not a deal-breaker, but misleading, to be sure.


  • No lift/elevator
  • Old-school keys, not electronic locks
  • No a/c, fans in rooms
  • The only CRT TV I have seen in a hotel room in years!
  • Staff asked for payment up front at check-in. This is highly unusual, and is a bad sign. If I see this again in future I will run the other way.
  • They make a big deal about pre-paying breakfast – but it is no cheaper, and the “convenience” is minor at best.
  • The staff were very helpful. I cannot fault them in any way.
  • Bathrooms were very nice. Shower was better than average. The shower gel dispenser dispensed too little (a common problem) and was situated at the wrong end of the bath.
  • No in-room phones. This was a big problem, as we had two rooms on different floors, and any communication involved running up and down stairs.
  • Free Wi-Fi was not working. When it is working they charged a shocking 10 per day. The weekly rate of 20 is far more reasonable) but HOTEL WI-FI SHOULD BE FREE!
  • One of the rooms (Room 6) smelled of damp.

Verdict: Six days previously, we had stayed at a Hampton Inn near O’Hare Airport before setting off for England. We loved it, and would stay again. Compared with that, this does not compare. Even though this place costs about the same, the Premier Inn St. Austell is more of a youth hostel with delusions of grandeur than a Hotel outright. We booked it because everything else in the area sold out first. Now we know why.

Conclusion: I will not willingly stay in a premier inn again if I had a choice. I will not even honor their name with capital letters. Perhaps they should spend a little less money on Lenny Henry and a little more on upgrading their facilities – particularly in touristy areas like this one.

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