God’s Will vs. Murphy’s Law

I always promised that I would never blog the minutiae of my life. And I won’t. Bear with me.

  • Last night, I put the clocks forward, and went to bed at 11PM.
  • Just as I was falling asleep, Her Ladyship asked me a question.
  • Some women feel that they need to have “the talk” just as he is falling asleep — a bad, if not dangerous practice.
  • Her Ladyship is not one of them – this was purely an accident of timing.
  • However the end result was the same – I was bounced hard out of sleep, and was unable to get back to sleep until 2AM.
  • Naturally I woke up late, feeling like crap.
  • I had no time to wet-shave, and the electric shaver ran out of juice while I was using it. OUCH!
  • I had no breakfast.
  • Her Ladyship was feeling unwell.
  • I went to church alone, feeling hung over.

Is it God’s will that I should experience this? What makes me feel that God’s will is there to guarantee my comfort?

There will be days like this. I am not entitled to special treatment. My saviour did not live a comfortable life. Neither did his twelve followers. Ten died violently and painfully for their faith. One hanged himself. Only one grew old and died in his bed — in exile.

Blessings do not mean that we will be rich, thin, healthy and pretty, yet some of us act as if we believe that it should.

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