Why Cable TV needs a kick up the backside.

I recently found out that my Cable Company are offering me BBC America. Coming, as I do, from the other side of the pond, this would be a welcome addition to my household.

In order to get that channel, I have to get a full-function Cable Box. This will cost me something in the region of $8 per month to rent.

I will also have to subscribe to their “Digital Standard” Package (how can an optional extra be called “Standard”?), at a cost of $10/month.

Oh, and I have to upgrade my cable package to “Classic Plus”, at a cost of another $10/month.

That’s $28/month extra. For one channel

Now that, my friends, is truly annoying, and is the real reason why the cable companies in the US are resisting the “a-la-carte” pricing that they are offering in Canada (where you pay for the channels that you want).

They insist that the “packages” that they offer are better value, while stubbornly refusing to give us the opportunity to put that statement to the test.

I would also like to know why Cable-only channels have advertising. I have no problem with advertising-supported TV, but watching ads on a channel I am paying for means I am effectively paying for it twice.

Not impressed…

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