Rest In Peace

Her Ladyship loves chicks.

Let me rephrase that, lest you get the wrong idea. Her Ladyship loves baby birds. So when a couple of birdies built a nest outside our window and started a family, there was much excitement.

The chicks grew at an alarming rate, and we were looking forward to their leaving the nest in the next few days.

But it was not to be. Sometime during the night, the nest was attacked.

Whodunit? We don’t know, but I suspect one of the neighborhood cats. I’ve got my eye on a particularly shifty-looking gray moggy that always seems to be on the prowl.

This morning, when Her Ladyship checked in, the nest was full of dead birds.

Why, God, why? It is easy to say “these things happen”, but that does not take away the pain.

Today, we mourn.

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