Biting the bullet

Like many old-school geeks I have a dislike of telephones — particularly cellphones. For years I swore that I would never carry one of those things.

Her Ladyship finally persuaded me to get one on the sensible grounds that 1) the phone was free 2) The service was $10/month and 3) In-Network calls were free.

That was six years ago. Since then, an iPod and a PDA (Tungsten T3) have joined it on my belt. Three devices on one belt are all well and good if your are a geek, but for those of us who care about style, that is two too many.

I finally bit the bullet today and purchased a Droid X2. Those who know me know that I am not an early adopter, but by a curious coincidence today was the day that the X2 came out. You can’t get it in the stores yet, so I ordered it online. It was normally priced at $199, but today it was $149 (either a pricing mistake or a first-day discount) with free second-day delivery. With a $50 upgrade bonus, I was able to snag one for the princely sum of $99…

One thing that was rather odd was that the site refused to take my Debit Card (even though that is the card I use to pay the bill every month); eventually I took the “add-it-to-my-bill” option and it want through. When I checked with my bank, they had placed six “just-checking” $1 temporary holds on it. Major screw-up there, and one that deserves an explanation from Verizon, though I doubt that one will be forthcoming.

My only other criticism is that their “Second-Day Delivery” does not include weekends, so an order placed on Thursday will not reach me until Monday. As a result, instead of having the weekend to try out my new toy, I won’t be getting any sleep on Monday night if it arrives on time. Verizon, if you are going to be delivering to residential addresses, use a service that delivers on Saturday.

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  • Wizard Prang  On May 23, 2011 at 12:07 PM

    Postscript: A few days later the price had gone back up to $199, with free overnight shipping. Looks like I got lucky… though the free overnight shipping would have been nice.

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