Three Days of the Android

I have spent three days playing with my new toy. It has been a voyage of discovery, excitement, and, in places, outright confusion.

The Good:

  • Bee-yootiful screen. How they managed to pack a 960×540 screen into a hand-held device is beyond me. The fact that 960×540 is a perfect 16/9 ratio (the preferred ratio of movies) is an added bonus.
  • It is a lot faster in operation than I expected, probably due to the 1GHz dual-core processor.
  • When you connect the phone to a computer, it gives you four options: PC Mode/Windows Media Sync/USB Mass Storage/Charge Only. Brilliant!
  • “There’s an app for that”. In fact, there’s an app for everything.
  • It interfaces beautifully with Google everything (mail, contacts, calendar etc.). Not so good if you don’t like Google though…

The Bad:

  • The Notification Light (a little round LED at the top left of the phone) doesn’t work as advertised.
  • Motorola really should have included a little carrying pouch in the package — to tide you over until you buy a case/pouch/holster/screen protector.
  • The phone comes with a BH5X 1500mAh battery. A 1880mAh extended capacity battery — BH6X — is available. Given that battery life is a problem on all Droid phones, this should have been included as standard. It would have made the phone slightly thicker (by about 1mm), but with 30% more battery life.
  • The phone comes with 8GB on-board memory (which is good), and an 8GB Micro-SD, which is not so good. Nothing wrong with 8GB, but it is too large for casual users and too small for power-users. They should have left it out and dropped the price by $20.
  • The built-in Gmail App does not allow you to save certain attachments (such as MP3s)… but if you log into Gmail through the browser you can do so just fine.

The Ugly

  • When upgrading to this phone, a $30/month “unlimited” data plan is required. An examination of the small print shows that this covers web and e-mail but not text messages. So I am paying $30 for data and you want more for text messages? This is definitely some kind of a joke.
  • Here’s another: Two-year contract, one-year warranty. Wassup wid dat?
  • The first time I used the phone, it went from 100% charge to 40% over the course of a day… and then abruptly dropped to 15% and started yelling for a plug-in charge. Fortunately this happened when I was on my way home. I assume that this was just a glitch; time will tell.

As you can see, most of my likes are aimed at the phone and Google, while most of my dislikes are aimed at the Manufacturer or the cellphone carrier.

But what of the phone? I’m glad you asked. I’m loving it. I’ll write more soon.

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