How Sprint Lost My Business

Many years ago, when I was with Sprint, I called to renew my contract. I asked Customer Service if they would move the off-peak start from 8PM to 7PM.

They said “No”.

I signed up with Verizon, then called up to cancel with Sprint, where I spoke to a very nice man from the “Customer Retention” Department. The conversation went something like this…

  • I am calling to cancel my service.
  • I am sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to get you to stay?
  • If you could have changed the off-peak start from 8PM to 7PM…
  • …sure I can do that.
  • When I asked Customer Service earlier, they said “No”
  • They can’t but I can.
  • That’s rather silly, isn’t it? Anyway it’s too late – I just signed the contract.
  • You can cancel with them within 14 days.
  • I’m not doing that – and Sprint lost a customer because their CS folks aren’t empowered.
  • But I am.
  • Too late – barn door locked, horse bolted.

That was about ten years ago, and we’ve been with Verizon ever since.

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