Changing Timesheets II: The finalists

After a long quest of installing and uninstalling literally dozens of apps, I have narrowed it down to Four programs.

  • All four have one-touch widgets for one-touch clocking in and out.
  • All four widgets display clock-in status and information about hours worked.
  • All four have clean, easy-to-use interfaces.
  • All four are free, or have free versions with sufficient functionality for my needs.

So without further ado, here, in alphabetical order, are the finalists:

  1. Clock Card: (Free Trial Version, <$3 for the full license) The developer has been very helpful in importing data from my old system. Due to the low price of the full version (€1.99=about $3, I have actually shelled out a few shekels to unlock the full version of the program. The interface was very clean, with big, friendly buttons for clocking in and out. This was one of only two apps where the developer replied to my e-mail requesting help in importing data from my old system. Likes: This has a one-touch widget for clocking in and out that works beautifully. The widget drops you into and out of the program. The developer considers that a fault that needs fixing, but I kind of like it, as it is a great way of providing feedback that the widget actually functioned. Dislikes: Fonts are a little small in Days/Weeks/Months view, and the font used in the widget is just a bit too small… or maybe my eyes are just getting old. Also, “rebuilds” took a little while…
  2. Hours Bank: (Free) An elegant little program that works quite nicely. The interface is very clean: the main screen has four tabs — Today/Week/Month/Blotter (entire database of clockings). Likes: Has a little clock-shaped widget for one-touch clocking. The widget changes color when you press it; red = clocked in, blue = clocked out. Dislikes: Duplicate clockings are not automagically removed. No help/FAQ menu item. There does not seem to be a way to add clockings retrospectively
  3. My Work Clock: (Free) This was one of the first apps that I discovered. It was also the first that I encountered that had a widget — a very informative two-slot creation that displayed time at work and a punch-in/out button. Unfortunately the widget did not always work, necessitating entering the program manually to check. And sometimes when it did work, it often did not update to show the new status.
  4. Time Recording: (Free basic version, <$3 for the full version) I nearly dropped this program from my shortlist, as the widgets did not seem work as I would expect — selecting one simply invoked the program. Then I read the manual (always a good idea), and there, tucked away in a sub-menu of an obscure tab in the preferences menu, was a “widget click action” setting that allowed the widgets to work in the way that I wanted. This should have been the default behavior. The author was also very helpful; he provided detailed technical  information regarding how to open up the database file so that I could merge old data. I eventually decided that it was not work the bother, but at least I know how…

Stay tuned for the winner.

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