KLM: Bait and switch? You decide…

I was booking a flight to London (that’s “London, England” if you failed Geography). KLM were offering a decent fare, and have an excellent reputation.

The website is perhaps the best I’ve seen; the “three-day matrix” is a brilliant piece of design.

After filling in all the necessary information I finally ended up here.

After checking the box and confirming the booking I was rather surprised to get this.

That’s right, folks… the price had gone up by $123.

I tried again, same result.

I refreshed the browser and started again, same result.

I tried again with different flights, same result.

I tried again with a different browser… same result.

I tried calling KLM’s Customer Service. They put me through to the web team. We were cut off after ten seconds. I didn’t bother after that.

So.. I’ll send a link to their Customer Service Dept and we’ll see what they have to say about this, if anything. Methinks KLM have some explaining to do.

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