The real story

Steve Jobs quits as Apple chief — He’s stepping down as CEO, but will still be chairman. With his ongoing health issues, I suspect that he hasn’t been involved in the day-to-day running of the company in ages  – it’s not as if he worked for a living. So why is this news? Nothing to see here, folks… move along…

Google to pay $500m online drug advertising fine — Google gets fined half a billion dollars “for publishing online adverts from Canadian pharmacies selling illegal drugs to US customers.” The question that nobody is asking is: Why is this a crime? It’s a crime because US Pharmaceutical companies don’t want US citizens from buying their drugs cheaper elsewhere, and have bribed our representatives into passing special laws to make it illegal to do so. Corporations produce their products wherever is cheapest. Customers should be allowed to buy stuff wherever they want for the same reason, without “sweetheart legislation”. In my opinion, the “counterfeit” claim is just a smokescreen. So much for the free market.

Moral: Headlines can be misleading.

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