I’m on my way home.

Washington Dulles airport is HORRIBLE! For one thing, it boasts the loudest PA system in Christendom. Every time an announcement was made, I had to cover my ears.

As if that isn’t bad enough, it seems that all of their announcers are non-native-English speakers. In particular the Gentleman staffing Gate C18 should be singled out for special attention. He spoke with a very thick Indian accent and had some difficulty stringing together coherent sentences, which made it very difficult to follow is announcements.

While I bear him no ill-will and do not question his competence, in my opinion he should not be allowed near a microphone. Apparently I am not alone in this sentiment; some people were actually laughing as he struggled to get the words out.

The news is not all bad, though… Washington Dulles has FREE WIFI! Unlike SDF, ORD and LHR, which all offer that paid Boingo Crap.

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