How Rude

Her Ladyship sent me out to the shops to buy some items for our Thanksgiving table. Apparently I was not the only one; during the execution of this mission I experienced some heavy traffic along the way, and had to navigate some very crowded parking lots.

There were two things about this experience that I found surprising:

  1. Motorists were almost unfailingly polite. In spite of the horrendous, near-stationary traffic, they let each other out when they didn’t have to — even if it cost them. Several times I was the beneficiary of such magnanimity, which made it easy to pass the blessing along.
  2. Many pedestrians, on the other hand, were either ignorant or rude. They wandered aimlessly through the parking lot like grazing caribou, and treated motorists with disdain. When I stopped to let one lady cross in front of me, she stared fixedly ahead and did not even acknowledge my existence. I wound down my window, and said “You’re welcome”, loud enough for her to hear. She thanked me with a hand gesture that indicated that she thought I was “number one”.

Polite motorists, rude pedestrians. How strange.

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