Doing it Right

A few weeks ago, I ordered a box of 40 Duracell AA batteries from one of those deal-a-day sites.

The order was places on 10/21; it shipped ten days later, and reached my mailbox nine days after that.

While I was expecting 40 batteries, it actually contained 42, but only 36  were Duracells — the other six were “GP Alkaline” (AKA cheapo eBay Chinese) Brand.

I then tested them with my trusty (Craftsman 82140) Digital Voltmeter

  • 29 batteries tested good (>1.4V) Including all of the GP batts.
  • 10 Batteries tested “Poor” (1.0-1.4V)
  • 3 Tested “Dead” (<1.0V)

I went to the site and sent them a message explaining what happened. To my surprise, they replied within 24 hours, saying that they would refund my month and send me another box of batteries. The refund came through a few days later. The box of batteries arrived today.

From the humblest Hot Dog Stand to the biggest Multinational Corporation, all businesses experience problems; things go wrong. I suspect that, like many deal-a-day sites, Bedeals are drop-shippers; they don’t actually stock the items that they sell, which leaves even more room for errors.

Either of their remedies – refund or replacement – would have been enough. Together they are enough to transform a would-be critic into a fan.

They have my highest recommendations. Not because nothing went wrong, but because when it did, they knew how to turn a disaster into a triumph.

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