Election 2012: my prediction

Obama will win.

Because elections are not won, they are lost.

  • McCain lost in 2008 because he could not prove he was not George W. Bush.
  • Kerry lost in 2004 because of doubts about his fitness to command, and because he could not offer anything new.
  • Gore lost in 2000 (yes folks, he lost, get over it) because of Clinton’s lack of character.

This is because too many of us vote out of our fears instead of our hopes.

Obama will win because all but one of the Republican nomination hopefuls are offering the same tired brand of  “Socialism Lite”; bailouts, safety nets, entitlements and empire-building around the world… same old stuff, only with a few tweaks around the edges that don’t really change anything. They are not offering anything truly new or different.

The one exception – and the only person who can beat Obama – is Ron Paul. He is the only candidate who truly offers something new. Ironically, he does this by offering something old; a return to true conservative values. Like the Constitution. And the Free Market. And sound money. And local self-government (which some mistakenly confuse with anarchy). And individuals’ and States’ rights.

Those are the things that made this nation great; they can make her great again. The alternative is the well-meaning but eventually financially-enfeebling brand of socialism that we have already seen sweeping through Europe with such disastrous consequences.

But Washington does not want Ron Paul. Most of the Media does not want Ron Paul. The cartels and oligopolies that run things by legalized corruption do not want Ron Paul. The military-industrial complex does not want Ron Paul. And they will fight hard to keep their apple cart right-side-up.That’s why he will not be nominated, though I pray that events prove me wrong.

And that, my friends, is why Obama will win.

Or more correctly, the Republicans will lose.

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