Here we go again

It’s that time of the year again; Apple announces a new product – in this case the new iPad – and the “gotta-have-it” mob collectively lose their ever-lovin’ minds. They get all excited and caught up in the stampede to have the latest-and-greatest new toy.

All for a product that isn’t actually out yet.

The hucksters are out in force too, hurrying to the front of the line, then offering that place for a small fee.

And so are the shady operators who buy them up and ship them off to countries where the new shiny isn’t out yet. The worst one is China, whic is ironic, considering that the iPad was made there, shipped here, and then shipped back there. Ain’t globalization wonderful?

It’s not all bad news, though. Many of those happily forking over between $500 and $800+ for a new iPad will be upgrading from their older model, which means that they will be trying to unload the old one on Craigslist, This means that those of us who have our heads screwed on right can snag a previous-generation iPad for half the price of a new one.

Me? I’m perfectly happy with my Nook Color running MIUI Android. For $130 + a microSD chip and a couple of hours of my time I have 80% of the capability of an iPad for 20% of the price.

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