Here we go again again

Apple has released the iPhone 5. A year after we were expecting it, but it’s here. Slightly taller, with a “longer” screen; sporting 4G communication speed and a 4″ screen, calling it the “5” seems a little weird, but I see their point.

It’s a safe bet that a whole lot of hipsters will suddenly decide that their 4S is no longer “good enough”, and will be lining up to shell out hundreds of dollars on the latest new shiny toy.

I’ve got nothing against the iPhone – it’s a brilliant technological achievement, and a bigger step forward than the 4S was. It’s the hordes of folks spending money they don’t have to buy stuff they don’t need to impress people who don’t care. And I know some of them.

I’m more than happy with my two-month-old GSIII: while it is a large device, the 4.8″ screen makes Apple’s new-and-improved version look small. It uses a standard Micro-USB charging cable, has user-replaceable batteries and support for up to 64GB Micro-SD… three features that the new iPhone cannot match.

*Sigh*… I’m having the most curious sense of Deja Vu

P.S. I am neither an Apple Fanboy (when I see “Fanboi” I tend to pronounce as the French do: “Fan-bwaah”), nor am I an Apple Hater. I have a 80GB Series 5.5 iPod and Her Ladyship has a First-Gen iPod Touch; both lovely pieces of kit that we have felt no urge to replace… though Apple’s habit of changing the cable pin-outs from time to time (once for the iPod Classic, and again with the new iPhone) is quite annoying – particularly when it renders all of your old cables and add-ons suddenly useless. That is the kind of behavior that I do not reward with my business.

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