Thanks a lot, Apple!

The iPhone has been out for five days now, and I hate it already.
No, let me back up a little. I don’t hate the iPhone. But I am very annoyed with Apple right now.
You see, when the iPhone came out last Wednesday, Apple released a new version of iTunes. On Friday night Apple’s software update program informed me that the new version – numbered 10.7 – was out and that I should upgrade to it. Seeing as I was running, I figured that this was a minor update, so I upgraded. And that was when the trouble started.
You see, I prefer to keep manual control of my library, rather than leaving it up to iTunes to keep track of everything. It’s not that I don’t trust iTunes (I don’t, but that’s not the reason) but because I like to know what is going on. So I use a program called iTunes Library Updater Utility (ITLU) to keep my library up-to-date by removing files that I have deleted and inserting new songs into the library. I have been using this program since 2008, and it has worked flawlessly with iTunes versions 7, 8, 9 and 10… until the new version of iTunes broke it.
I also use a program called iSyncr to synchronize my Android phone with iTunes. Actually it is a suite of programs; a server running on the iTunes PC and two running on the Android (one for wired access, the other is a wireless add-on) I have been using this for about a year, and it has worked flawlessly, keeping my 32GB micro-SD filled with music, and passing the playcount and ratings info back to iTunes. Until iTunes broke that too.
I didn’t realize this until this morning, when I tried to sync my phone with iTunes and it refused to connect. Realizing what the problem was, I had to:
  1. Download the previous version of iTunes. I used oldversion, but later found out that the older versions are available from Apple.
  2. Uninstall iTunes – the old version would not install over e newer version. Fortunately the uninstallation did not remove the library.
  3. Replace the iTunes library with the saved pre-update backup that iTunes took last Friday
  4. Install the old version of iTunes.

The good news is that everything works again. The bad news is with the library file replacement in step 3, all of my changes over the weekend have been lost. Podcasts that I had finished are now marked as “new”, and a whole lot of ratings changes that I synced over the weekend have been lost. And that’s an hour-and-a-half of a Monday morning that I will never get back.

 Thanks a lot, Apple
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