Stop thief!

I went into my local Wal-Mart (or WalMart or Wal*Mart if you prefer) to buy some toothpaste.

A week later, I opened the box and found.. this

At first I thought that it was a simple mistake. Then I realized the price difference; a tube of Aquafresh costs about $3, while a Tube of AIM costs about 88 cents. Yep, someone had pulled the old switcheroo… they took home the “nice” toothpaste in the cheap box, while I paid Aquafresh price for a tube of AIM.

I suppose that I could take the toothpaste back to the store and ask for a refund, but it occurs to me that they might think that I was the one trying to pull a fast one. Using a different toothpaste will not kill me, so I’ll just use it up.

I’m sure that the person who did this thought that they were very clever in getting “something for nothing”, but the universe does not work that way. That person is a thief, pure and simple. Whether they stole from a big corporation or from me is irrelevant – they are still a thief.

So I’ll take this for what it is; a lesson in caution. From now on, I will be checking the contents. Eventually I suspect that the manufacturers will start sealing the boxes. And all because someone wants something for nothing.

And we are all made poorer as a result.

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