Google… Later?

When I upgraded my phone to Jellybean, I was presented with a new feature – “Google Now” (GN). Lacking the time to explore this, I left it switched off for the time being.

A few days ago I decided to turn this feature on, as it looked useful. Since then I noticed that battery life was poor and the phone was routinely getting hot. The last straw was last night, when it went from about 70% to 14% in about three hours during which it was not being used. Uninstalling those apps that I had added over the past few days did not help.

It appeared that a process called “System Storage” was causing the problem – but why?

I did a little Googling and found that one of the culprits was Google Now.

“Simple”. I said to myself. “I’ll just turn it off”. The setting is deeply buried. Open the Google Search App, then hit the “Menu” key and open “Settings”, then “Google Now” and simply turn it off!.

No such luck.


I tried several times, verifying that my network connection was OK. Finally in exasperation I uninstalled the latest version of Google Search (, which reverted to the installed version ( On bringing up Google Search I was presented with this:


I then NEXTed my way to this…


and then hit “No, maybe Later”. So far so good.

Google->Settings-> Google Now shows:


Success! Finally I went back to the Android Mark… *cough* “Play Store” (sounds like a toy shop), and upgraded Google Search back up to the latest version. Checking the settings I now see:


Problem Solved :). Note that “Privacy and accounts” has now beenĀ  changed to “Privacy & accounts”, showing that we are running a different version.

One warning: don’t re-enable GN unless you really want to, as you can’t turn it off again without repeating the process. At least until Google fixes this problem.

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