If men ruled the world…

  • Most of the malls would go out of business…
  • …as would all the greeting-card stores…
  • …all of the “Beauty Shops” (didn’t know you could buy beauty)…
  • …most of the cellphone companies would go bankrupt…
  • …along with the two-thirds of the stores in America that sell NOTHING of interest to men.
  • The phrase “Wait till your father gets home” would be meaningful…
  • …and “If Momma ain’t happy…” not so much.
  • There would be a statutory limit on how many shoes and handbags a person could own…
  • …and “How to pull up next to the ATM, not five miles away from it” would be a compulsory part of the driving test.
  • “She won’t quit talking” would be  reasonable grounds for Divorce.
  • “Yes” would be an acceptable answer to “Does this dress make me look fat?”
  • Valentine’s day would be “Just another day”…
  • …and today would be a national holiday.
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