Going to the Dark Side?

Yesterday I did something I swore I would never do.

I got a FaceBook account.

I have written before of my vehement disdain for FaceBook, and of why I would never get one. And yet, here I am with a FaceBook page.

Sort of.

No, you can’t be my “friend”

No, I will not “like” your product, service or company. Not unless you offer me money, anyway.

No, I have no intention of raising FaceBook’s market capitalization by investing my life in this website.


You see, this particular FaceBook account was set up to play an online game, and for no other purpose. It has next to no information on me. E-mail address, Date of Birth, that’s about it. The rest is fake – including my name. No information is available to anyone who is not a “friend”, and they are all players. And when I am done playing the game, I will deactivate the account.

So,,, have I gone over to the dark side?

You decide.

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