I am my own Lab Rat

For the past few years I have been thinking more and more about the human condition; what out bodies are meant to do, how they work, and what makes them break down. I have watched too many men my age or younger dropping like flies from heart attacks, and I have seen too many fat kids wandering around supermarkets with carts full of chips, soda, cookies and candy. This is what I have learned:

Sugar is a Poison: In my younger days, I used to have three spoons of sugar in my tea, and four to six cups a day. These days I have none. A youtube video finally made me realize that sugar is a poison – a sweet-tasting poison, but a poison nonetheless. I still consume sugar, but only occasionally, and in miniscule quantities.

Fat does not make you fat: America has been on a low-fat diet since the 70s. It hasn’t worked. But the government won’t admit when they’re wrong (too much liability and loss of face/confidence, I suspect) – and the food lobbyists and trade organizations like things just the way they are. Yes, some fats are bad for you, but others are actually good. Full fat yogurt tastes better, and you eat much less of it (four ounces leaves me feeling full). Full-fat milk tastes creamier and you drink less of it.

It’s not Junk Food, it’s just junk:  I haven’t had a fast-food hamburger in about two years. I love burgers, fries, pizza and fried food. But they don’t love me.

Listen to your body. The ad-men say that you should pop a pill if you get indigestion. I say that Indigestion is God (or the universe) telling you that you shouldn’t have ate what you just ate. Or that you ate too fast. Or too much.

Exercise is important, but don’t go overboard. I flatten my belly with ten minutes of exercise a day. If I wanted six-pack abs, I could get them by putting in an extra couple of hours each day, but it’s not worth it for me. I do a lot of walking (but not enough!) but I love my knees too much to go running.

Trust the Government? There are over four hundred food additives approved by the FDA. Not one of them is there for your benefit. So who’s watching your back? You are.

Am I right? I don’t know – but I am in better physical shape now then I was ten years ago.

Want to get started? Watch the Video: Sugar: The Bitter Truth, then read any of the the following books:

  • “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan
  • “Fat Chance” by Robert Lustig
  • “Younger Next Year” by Chris Crowley and Dr. Harry Lodge
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  • […] Some preach “All things in moderation”, but the fact is that you can survive without “empty calorie” sugars and starches that we were not designed to consume in large quantities. As for me, my weight is down, my belly fat is GONE and my waistline is back to where it was a quarter of a cent…. […]

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