The Ten Commandments of Computer Security

  1. Never install anything that you did not go looking for.
  2. If you don’t use it and you don’t know what it’s for, remove it.
  3. Never “Blind-install” – always go the “custom” route and un-check any “hitch-hikers” that you see.
  4. Remove Trialware, shovelware and Ad-ware with extreme prejudice
  5. Never click a link in an e-mail from someone that you were not expecting.
  6. Patch your Operating system.
  7. Patch common sources of vulnerability, such as Adobe Reader (or remove and replace with Foxit) and Adobe Flash.
  8. Do not patch Java – remove and replace it, as “upgrading” auto-installs sneaky hitch-hikers.
  9. Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer – use Firefox (with NoScript) or Chrome (with NotScript)
  10. Don’t let children run as Administrator (also known as “Kiddie see/kiddie click/computer borked/no-one knows how it happened”)
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