Why Rite-Aid is the best deal in town

125px-Rite_Aid.svgLast year, Anthem and Walgreen’s got into a fistfight over prescription drug coverage. While the elephants were fighting, this blade of grass I surfed his prescription needs over to the Rite-Aid pharmacy across the road.

A few months later, Anthem and Walgreen’s patched up their differences, but I never went back. Not only is Rite-Aid a whole lot less crowded and rushed than Walgreen’s, but their staff are a whole lot friendlier. To top it off, they¬† have a loyalty program the likes of which I have never seen. Simply put, they give you $10 to spend (in the form of credits are loaded into your Wellness+ loyalty card) in the store for every prescription they fill.

There are, of course, exceptions: the you cannot use the credits to buy alcohol, gift cards or prescription drugs, but you can buy most anything else; coffee, tissues, moisturizer, cleaning and washing products. Their prices are generally far from the best – though frequent fliers like me get up to 20% off – and in any case, you can’t argue with free.

So… once or twice a month, I wander into my local Rite-Aid, putting things into my basket and carefully totting up the prices so I buy just over $10 worth of goods. At the check-out, $10 is deducted, and I end up usually paying pocket-change for a bagful of goodies. I call it “Klingon Full-Contact Combat Shopping”: The staff know me there, and are in awe of my prowess.

Today, after all, is a good day to shop.

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  • Wizard Prang  On January 15, 2014 at 5:02 PM

    A week after I posted this, Rite-Aid discontinued the $10 loyalty bonuses. I’ll be moving my business back to Walgreen’s soon.

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