A matter of policy

I have noticed of late that medical practitioners have started implementing “cancellation policies”; where you have to pay for an appointment if you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment. This is entirely understandable; if a patient does not show up, they are left spinning their wheels and waiting until the next customer shows up.  This is particularly aggravating for Dentists; nobody wants to go to the dentist, and cancellations are common.

This is reasonable if they call you the day before the appointment to confirm, and give you the opportunity to cancel. Recently my Dentist changed this cancellation policy to 48 hours. Eyebrows were raised.

You change your policy on cancelling appointments, and I will change my policy on making them.

I am henceforth implementing an “I-won’t-make-appointments-in-advance” policy. At the end of the appointment, when they ask to schedule the next one, I will politely decline, then set a reminder for the appropriate date… and go on my merry way.


Let’s see who wins this one.

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