By George!

I am probably the last person in the western hemisphere to know that George Clooney has become engaged. And this is precisely how it should be; I care nothing for the to-ings and fro-ings of celebrity culture.

So why is this piece of inconsequentiality blog-worthy? Because there are so many lessons to be learned from this, and most are too busy cackling with glee at the apparent fall of the most eligible bachelors in America to notice the elephant in the room.

It hardly surprising that Monsignor Clooney has decided that the time has come for a change. At 52, the idea of dating hot twentysomething models and actresses, while pleasant enough, is probably starting to pall. As Dave Ramsey likes to say: “If you eat enough lobster, eventually it starts to taste like soap”. He is at the age where he is beyond games for the young, and getting married starts to look like a smart move.

What is remarkable, though, is the choice he has made. With literally millions of eligible females in this country, and almost unlimited access to the most attractive women in TinselTown, he has chosen to look elsewhere. He found his bride-to-be in Britain, of all places.

An attractive, mid-thirties “Barrister” (Trial Lawyer), who is at the top of her profession (which means that she is probably not after his money). Her name and appearance suggest that she is not of western culture (which means she is probably a lot more “traditional” than most American women). It seems to me that you can take the boy out of Kentucky, but you can’t take Kentucky out of the boy – and I would know. I wish them both the best of luck; but it does not bode well for western womanhood that one the world’s most eligible bachelors chose to look elsewhere to find a life partner.

There’s a lesson to be learned from this, but those who need to learn it – namely western women, with their drama, entitlement mentality and overinflated egos – would rather bend reality like a pretzel than admit the obvious:

He didn’t consider you good enough to marry.

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