Muscling In

For those of you who don’t know me, I am seriously addicted to a game called Real Racing 3. I first started playing over a year ago, but had to start the game again with an “upgrade” that was so bad that it cause me to revert to the older version, only to lose all my progress to the tune of R$1.9M and 19 cars.

I started again, and armed with what I had learned, I soon passed my previous high-water mark and went rocketing onwards. I eventually completed the game, winning every race and buying every car. By this time several newer versions had come out, and so I decided to upgrade, one version at a time, skipping over the truly awful V1.2 “Prestige Update” and moving on up to 1.3, also known as the “Classic American Muscle” update.

What’s New In This Version

  • As well as the Three Mercedes-Benz and two Bentleys from the Prestige Update, this version boasts four new cars: Dodge – ’69 Charger R/T, Dodge – ’71 Charger R/T, ’67 Cobra GT500, Shelby ’66 Cobra 427
  • There are also two new series: “Classsic American Muscle” (Career)), “The Legend Continues” (Optional)
  • Other changes include the addition of Google+ support, and the reduction of the costs of upgrading your drive points (from 2 to 3 cost has been lowered from 50 Gold to 20).

NewStuff Wide

Perhaps the the most exciting change is an unplanned one which I have dubbed “The Awesome Race“. This is an Endurance race in the Dodge ’69 Charger R/T Showcase (which means that only this car can compete in this particular race), at the Indianapolis Speedway

What makes this race “awesome” is that a sufficiently-upgraded ’69 Charger is faster than every other car on the track, which makes it theoretically possible to run this race forever. What this means is that it is possible to rack  up a huge number of miles, with matching payouts and gold. The only limitation is how much time you are willing to spend holding up your tablet and staring at it.

Being forewarned about this, I decided to experiment by doing one upgrade at a time, and seeing how it affected my score. The first few attempts were fairly pedestrian, and before long I had exhausted the cash upgrades and had to start spending gold. And that was when it started to get interesting.

The race starts off inauspiciously enough, going round and round the Indianapolis Speedway – perhaps the most boring track in the game. About twenty miles in, however, it starts to get interesting. Instead of triplets of cars strung out in single file, you start to see packs of cars all bunched up, weaving around, trying to pass each other. If there are enough cars in the pack, some fool will invariably start driving on the grass, throwing up a billowing cloud of smoke that can be seen a mile away. Since they tend to try to follow the same line, it is often easy to pass them, but they sometimes do stupid, unpredictable things, and the result is utter chaos, particularly in the corners.

Mess with the best...

Mess with the best…

Terror at Turn Two

Turn two of the Indianapolis Speedway is my favorite bit of the track; as computer-controlled cars (“Bots”) have a tendency to make a mess of this turn with occasionally hilarious results – cars weaving, wobbling, skidding, bouncing off barriers and walls and occasionally spinning off completely, often taking out other cars in the process – one of which may be yours, if you are not careful.

On the Curve


  • Feed but don’t feast. If you see a large, slow-moving pack of cars in front of you, try to resist the temptation to pass them all at once. Your time-clock is capped to ninety seconds; waiting a few seconds and staggering out your passing helps to keep your time-bank safely in the black.
  • Don’t kill the goose! When you pass a car, it fades away after a few seconds, then re-spawns somewhere on the other side of the track. This means that once you have passed the last car in a pack, you may find yourself with nobody else to pass, and may run out of time before you catch them up.
  • Watch for clouds of smoke; they signify cars that are out of control of running out of track. This may mean a passing opportunity, or it may mean a multi-car pile-up that needs to be avoided. Heads up!
  • Avoid collisions. Wherever possible, try to Dodge (pun intended) around those cars that spin out of control; hitting one of them can drop your speed down to 80MPH, It will take ages to get back up to speed, at which time you will have a lot of catching up to do. On one occasion a car sideswiped me, bounced off the wall and sideswiped me again, leaving me unable to to catch up with the pack and effectively knocking me out of the race.
  • Use the kerbs, Luke! Each of the four corners has a narrow area that you can drive on without losing traction. Having that little bit of extra room to maneuver will make your turns smoother and make it easier to keep your speed up. At turn 1 this is yellow, the other turns it is dark gray. Keep it smooth and you won’t bleed speed in the corners.
  • Watch out for the Stig. That’s a joke; they all look like the Stig,

The end result is an incredibly fun race that can only be described as “Epic”, that leaves you exhausted and elated. I have only managed to get up to 255 miles, but some players have topped the thousand-mile mark, and a few have even done their own version of the “Indy 500” — five hundred laps (1250 miles) — at a cost of more than eight hours of their time.


I strongly suspect that this “feature” was rebalanced out of later versions of the game, but I will use this to build up cash and gold in preparation for the next version — 1.3.5, or the the “Fifty Years of 911” Update (also known irreverently by me as the “Seven more bloody Porsches edition”). I’ll be back with a detailed report on that version at some time in the not-to-distant future.

I have to go… I see smoke on the horizon.

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