This is the day when Americans celebrate their nation’s independence.

On this day 238 years ago, a bunch of colonists, Englishman to a man, nailed their colors to a mast.

And that was when the trouble started.

They took on one of the world’s the mightiest empires, with the largest and most-feared Navy of the day. And they knew that England would not take it lying down, and that a fight was coming. And fight they did. The war for America’s independence was long, bloody and costly in lives.

But why did they fight? For the right to be free? Curiously, no; most of the colonials were happy to be British subjects. They fought because the tyranny of Britain was finally becoming intolerable. They wanted freedom from onerous and unfair taxation, from being mercilessly squeezed for revenue like toothpaste. For freedom from unfair and unjust laws, imposed from afar by an uncaring tyrant, and levied at gunpoint.

Sounds Familiar?

And today we celebrate it by taking a day off work and eating food. Funny how many of our holidays revolve around food. And we’re all getting fat. Coincidence? I think not. But that is another story for another post.

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