“Men are more likely than women to be arrested, die violently, commit crimes, be victims of crimes, go to jail, and be addicted. They also die more often on the  job, have more heart attacks, commit suicide in greater numbers, and live shorter lives than women” (David Murrow)

Equality between the sexes is easy! We’ll have it when…

  • Women serve the same jail sentences as men for the same crime.
  • Infidelity in females (“She wasn’t satisfied”) is treated the same way as it is in males (“He’s a jerk”).
  • A woman has no right to a man’s financial support unless she is married to him.
  • The state quits paying women to have babies.
  • Violence against men is taken as seriously as is violence against women (statistics show that the former is actually more common, though less severe).
  • Women are required to register with the Selective Service (aka “the draft”) or lose the right to vote — the same way as men are.
  • “I was drunk and had sex” no longer equals to “I was raped”.
  • Men live as long as women.
  • Paternity Fraud (where a woman attempts to force a man support a child that is not his) is treated the same way as tax fraud – with jail time.
  • Women start tipping like men.
  • Men and women have equal standing in child custody disputes (as opposed to the current system, in which “The bad, bad man is bad, bad, bad” ).
  • Women are required by law to leave toilet seats up.
  • Financial support for breast/cervical cancer is matched by testicular/prostate cancer (the latter actually kills more people, but gets far less money).
  • Either Paternity leave is mandated (unlikely) or Maternity leave is abolished (impossible).
  • All governmental organizations dedicated to women either have a complimentary men’s equivalent or are abolished.
  • Men can have babies.

The elephant in the room is that we don’t have equality, and probably never will. And I for one say “Vive La Difference”

I have found that when many women talk about “equality” what they mean is “to have all of the same rights and rewards as men, but without the responsibilities and/or the work required“. That’s childish behavior, and the last time I looked, children were not allowed to vote and had to be told what to do.

Today is “Women’s Equality Day“, whatever that means. Enjoy!

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