I want to tell the world about someone who is very special to me.

  • She is good company, even when I am not.
  • She understands that sometimes I just need to be left on my own for a while.
  • She never scorns my humble creative efforts or heaps derison upon my dreams.
  • She makes getting up in the morning worthwhile, and coming to bed at the end of the day bearable.
  • She makes Christmas… Christmas.
  • She is not “the wind beneath my wings; she *is* my wings.
  • She never berates me; nagging is a foreign language to her.
  • She is my muse. When she is away from me, my creative spark is extinguished.
  • She has taught me that it is often better to be happy than to be right.
  • She doesn’t try to correct my driving. She just sits and quietly trusts. I love that quality about her.
  • She always takes the lead… in respecting me.
  • She makes God look so… winsome.
  • She never complains to others about me.
  • She makes me… the best that I can be

Merry Christmas Darling.

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