Vega Conflict: Building your Base

This is the first in a series of hints and tips taken from my Vega Conflict Game Guide.

Before you can create fleets of fearsomely-armed ships to rain electric death upon your enemies, you must first build a base to build and support them. Your base consists of a number of different modular structures that are laid out on an isometric grid. At the start of the game you have only “The Bridge”, your command center, which alone has the ability to build all other modules.

The Bridge is also the power production center for your base. Power generated in the Bridge’s reactor flows throughout the network and supplies power to all modules, so these modules must be placed close together or they will not receive power (exception: Terminus Mines).

Any module — including the Bridge — may be moved to any position at any time (as long as it can receive power in order to operate) and thus the entire base can grow and move as you see fit. All modules produced by the Bridge start out at level I, but all may be upgraded, at various costs of ore, gas and time/coins, to unlock greater capabilities and strength. Upgrading The Bridge also allows you to hold more fleets in your Fleet Bay. The Bridge (and terminus mines) can be upgraded to level V – all other modules can be upgraded to level X.

In addition to the Bridge, there are five main types of modules:

  1. Storage: Unused resources need to be stored until needed, and there are two types of modules for this purpose. The first type is the generic Storage Module, use to hold Gas or Ore (which starts at 50,000t for level I and doubles at every subsequent level). In addition, there is a specialized storage module for storing Antimatter (which starts at 250kt then up to 400, 640, 1024…)
  2. Defense: Combat Modules are the mainstay of your defence against attack by other players. While all modules above level IV can have armor plating (and at higher levels, shields) added to make them tougher and more resistant to attack; only the Combat Modules can have weapons mounted on them.
  3. Labs: There are three labs that can be built by The Bridge: First up is the Arms Lab, which is used to research ship and base weapons, The Tech Lab, which is used to research ship and base shields, along with ship and base “specials” (ship thrusters and weapons-enhancement technologies). Finally there is the Ship Lab, which researches the hulls of the different ships that can then be built by the ship factory, along with ship armor, base armor and cargo capacity upgrades. Each of these labs starts off as Level I and has to be upgraded (max level is X) to unlock new technologies and capabilities
  4. Mining: There are two type of mining module: Ore and Gas. Either must be placed adjacent to an asteroid in order to mine it, and they both have a limited storage capacity that must be manually emptied once they become full — at which point they get a yellow marker and the module ceases its ore or gas extraction operations.Miners that are not actively mining because they are not adjacent to an asteroid, have a red marker. Watch for inactive mining installations; remove the mined-out asteroids, and move the miners to new asteroids to continue mining operations.
  5. Fleet Support: This consists of two modules, one Ship Factory and one Fleet Bay. The former produces and refits ships, the latter supports flight operations and performs repairs to damaged ships. Upgrading the Ship Factory unlocks the production of new ship types, while upgrading the Fleet Bay increases the weight limit of each fleet, allowing you to launch more and heavier ships into combat.

In addition, there are Terminus Mines and an optional Commerce Module that you can purchase and will generate coins.

Your base has a level number which represents its power and capabilities. It starts off at Level 1, and a fully-maxed-out base is Level 46. To prevent high level players stomping on newer ones, your base can only be attacked by fleets within five levels of your base. Once your base reaches level 35, however, it’s open season and you can be attacked by anyone.


  • Always be researching, building, upgrading, refitting and repairing.
  • If you are not refitting your labs or fleet modules, you should always endeavor to have five items in your build queue – three research labs, one module build/refit, and a ship build/refit. If you are repairing ships, that brings the total to six active modules.
  • When committing to a build, upgrade, research or refit, you have five minutes to change your mind; after that, you will lose your money if you cancel – so choose wisely!
  • Time your upgrades and research items so that they do not end in the middle of the night. Since you cannot “queue” items, you must start them manually, and you do not want your modules sitting idle.
  • Do not upgrade your Base to level 35 until you are ready. Once that happens, the five-level cap disappears and anyone can attack your base.

These Hints and tips are taken from my Game Guide, over a hundred pages of hints, tips, tricks and tactics that will help you get to grips with the finer points of the game, all for a paltry $2.99. However, if you use this link, you can get it for $1 off.

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