Vega Conflict: Crafting in the Workshop

Last night, the creators of Vega Conflict rolled out the Crafting Feature. Here’s how it works:

  • The Workshop is built by the Bridge. Start there.
  • Construction of a Level-I workshop is immediate.
  • Upgrade your workshop as quickly as you can (maximum level is 8), but remember that you cannot do any crafting while the workshop is being upgraded.
  • While this is going on, head on over to the Ship Lab and start researching Hull Upgrades.
  • The tech tree is quite rigid, and you have to research the earlier upgrades before you can research the later ones.
  • This research uses Mineral Ore and Antimatter.

New fleets have appeared. These fleets are colored in Orange (this explained why Vega Elite fleets recently changed color from Orange to Red), and are found both in-planet and sector. These fleets carry cargo, but typically yield less than half as much as their equivalent VEGA Cargo fleets.

There are two types of fleets: Rebel (level 10-35, drops parts for Miner Rebellion Hulls) and Vega (level 37-45, drops parts for Vega Hulls). Apparently there are also VSec fleets (level 50+) and Iron Star Company fleets (To Be Announced..!).

These fleets come in four “flavors”:

  • Scout fleets (levels 13, 23, 33 and 50) consist of Frigates and use Explosive weapons
  • Skirmisher Raider fleets(levels 15, 20, 25, 30?, 35 and 40) consist of Cruisers and use Beam weapons.
  • Sharpshooter Artillery fleets (levels 10, 30, 37 and 53) consist of Destroyers and use Beam weapons.
  • Battalion fleets (levels 17 and 27, 37 and 45) consist of  Battleships and use Projectile weapons.

All of these fleets will drop armaments when killed. Some will also drop Strongboxes. Higher-level fleets drop more armaments and better strongboxes, but fewer of them.:

  • Levels 10, 13, 15 and 17 yield T1 boxes.
  • Levels 20, 23, 25, 27 Yield T2 boxes.
  • Levels 30, 33 and 35 yield T3 boxes.
  • Levels 37 and up yield T4 boxes.

Note that Level 20, 30 and 37 fleets do not drop cores!

It is quite easy to auto-farm these fleets; for best results use the appropriately-shielded fleets – I recommend wedge formation with a highly-shielded ship in front.

For farming Planetary Battalion 27s I use an Apocrypha/Revelation Cruiser (with 2xDeflector V and Gladius Drivers), and five Rancor Battleships (Deflector IV + 3xHydra Missiles).

Strongbox drops are very common. Initially it seems to be in excess of 75%. Sometimes one fleet will drop two strongboxes.

You do not need to open strongboxes immediately. Unopened strongboxes are found in the “inventory” tab of the workshop screen.

Open the Box!

Strongboxes contain Patterns, Ship Parts or Cores. Once you have researched a particular ship and gathered the pieces required (one pattern, one core, multiple parts and multiple armaments), you can craft an upgrade credit that can be used to upgrade a ship. Each credit only gives a one-level upgrade, i.e., the Exodus Cruiser Mk III Upgrade Credit requires an Exodus Cruiser Mk II, and cannot be used on anything else.

Lower-tier ships have a shorter upgrade path:

  • Tier-1 ships (Harrier/Genesis/Longbow/Rancor) can only be upgraded to Mark II.
  • Tier-2 “Uncommon” ships (Talon/Exodus/Broadsword/Venom) can be upgraded up to Mark III.
  • Tier-3 “Rare” ships (Nighthawk/Revelation/Trident/Fury) can be upgraded as far as Mark IV.
  • Tier 4 “Epic” ships (Dread/Apocrypha/Carriers etc) can be upgraded all the way to Mk V.

Existing “Mk II” ships upgraded by the Black Market are now renamed “Enhanced”, and are TOTALLY DIFFERENT to the new Mk II/III/IV/V ships. It is expected that these “enhanced” ships will later be harmonized with the new upgrades in some way. It is not known how this change is going to effect the black market.

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