Why Kixeye aren’t getting my money

Anyone who has read my hints and tips know that I love Vega Conflict.

I bought the $2 introductory offer (200 coins + 500 bonus coins) way back in January, then bought $5 worth of coins on 4/17, 5/8 and 5/29. In early June, after a mis-click in the game cost me a bunch of coins, I sent a request to Kixeye support. I also asked the following question:

If I may make a suggestion, it might be a good idea to implement a confirmation dialog for >50 (say) coins spent. The lack of such a feature is costing Kixeye money: it is precisely because it is to easy to mis-click and waste large quantities of coins that I only purchasing coins in $5 tranches instead of $10 or $20. Please pass this along to the developers…

The following day I got a reply:

Kixeye2Translation: “It ain’t gonna happen, and we don’t care”. It is also a completely bogus answer, as the majority of users with coins in their accounts would rather not accidentally spend them. And a “one-time courtesy” along with an exhortation to be cautious is simply not good enough.

I haven’t purchased any more coins from Kixeye since then, and I don’t think I will. My Commerce Center turns out 14 coins a day, which is enough for me.

What a way to run a railroad.

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  • Wizard Prang  On December 3, 2015 at 4:49 PM

    Additional: Over Thanksgiving Kixeye had a Black Friday Sale. Different people got different offers; One of my offers was 2000 coins + 1600 coins + an Apocrypha cruiser for $20. Since the cruiser takes a week to build (and coining a one-week build costs about $34), I decided to make the purchase.

    But I still don’t like the idea that all those coins can easily disappear with one mis-click.


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