Ten annoyances that Kixeye needs to fix

  1. Death to pop-ups 1: Blitz pop-ups have become an annoyance. The blitz x1 button is in the same place as “attack”, and the “blitz x10 is in the same location as” alliance help all” and “craft”. In addition, you often don’t know how many times you want to blitz and the only way to find out is to close the dialog. Replace it with a banner?
  2. Make banners great again. Add a “show” checkbox on event screens so we can decide which event banners we want to see and which do not concern us.
  3. Fix the Orator range toggle. When farming, ten times out of ten, we want long range on the Zealots. So make that the default. Or have it globally remember the previous setting like the “AI” switch.
  4. Death to pop-ups 2: Get rid of the “search didn’t find anything dialog. Just flash the search button red a couple of times.
  5. Make “search” relative to current position.
  6. Introduce a” Lock search to current view” user-selectable setting. Most of the time we don’t want to see targets in another sector.
  7. Move event start/end times to noon Zulu time (GMT). Currently they are hostile to anyone in Europe. I know people who are thinking of quitting over this alone. Makes no sense to annoy Europe just to keep Australia happy.
  8. Make the “exit battle” Hotspot double-tap on mobile. Too many times I’ve accidentally hit this and dropped out of the battle, with predictably lamentable results.
  9. White Supremacy, or Black Power? Change briefing text back to white-on-black.
  10. Fix “Sort by damaged” If I had a dime for every time that I had to go back to the “sort by” tab because it had “forgotten” this setting… I would have quite a large pile of dimes.
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