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ObamaCare: My Predictions

Here are my predictions over the next twelve months. Some are good, some are not so good. I leave it up to you, Dear Reader, to decide which is which…

  • Most people will end up paying more for healthcare. (easy one, this)
  • Now that more people have to pay full price for their prescription drugs, there will be calls to rein in the “greedy” drug companies.
  • Health Insurance companies will announce record profits.
  • People will start shopping around for cheaper healthcare and will start asking Medical Professionals lots of awkward questions that they would prefer not to answer.
  • Doctors who offer cut-price fee-for-service (or subscription-based) no-insurance medical care will suddenly find themselves in great demand.
  • People will start actually reading their medical bills.
  • Someone in Congress will suggest that the Big Food/Processed Food/Fast Food industries should put something in the ObamaCare pot, on the very sensible grounds that they are the ones who made made America fat and sick.
  • Taxes will have to go up to finance this debacle. This is an easy prediction, as taxes always go up (unless we have a Republican president).
  • Congress will find a creative way to make the money disappear (easy one, this).
  • Young/skinny/healthy folks will continue to eschew medical insurance, preferring to pay a penalty rather than subsidizing the old/fat/sick population. Nobody will complain until someone goes to jail for refusing health insurance coverage.
  • The Democratic politicians who rammed this bill through Congress will spend most of next year trying to pretend that they and nothing to do with it
  • The electorate won’t fall for it; they will be seeking new employment at the end of the year.