VALOR Code of Conduct

Welcome to VALOR!


Many years ago, according to the ancient scrolls of wisdom and extreme cleverness, there existed several great clans: ISC, Legions of Atlantis/Legends of the Apocalypse (LOA), Vega Renegades (“VR”), and Bound By Blood (“BBB”).

There was too much honor, bravery and awesomeness to go round, so they had to merge to contain it all.

The new name: “VALOR“, came from a fusion of “VR” and “LOA”. However valiantly they tried to add ISC and BBB into the new name, the result always came out looking too much like the sound of someone with chronic emphysema blowing their nose while intoxicated. Their valiance is, however, recognized.

We welcome our new brothers-in-arms, and look forward to moving onwards and upwards as one.


The alliance is presided over by three Grand Admirals (GAs).

  • Atlantis Star (“Star”)
  • Optimus Prime (“OP”)
  • DaFool (“Daf”)

It currently comprises three four Clans:

  • Division 1 (“Valor Warriors“) Commanded by Admirals RyanD and Hakon,
  • Division 2 (“Valor Berzerkers“) Commanded by Gemini Valkyrie.
  • Division 3 (“Valor Warlords“) Commanded by Andrew.
  • Recruitment Division. Commanded by Admiral Virtualite. Also known as the “Pitbulls”, for their legendary tenacity and “dogged” determination.

Key policy decisions are made by the Grand Admirals and Admirals, with input from other senior and respected players.

VALOR has few standing orders; they are as follows:

  • Stay Active: This one is self-explanatory. As a general rule, you are expected to check in at least once a day to empty miners, claim Commerce Module coins, check builds and check orders. If you are going to be off-line for more than three days, notify an Admiral or an officer.
  • Be Social: Join the relevant FB pages and the Line messenger group if you are able. Both are great ways to keep up with the goings-on. Who knows, you might see your name mentioned in dispatches…
  • Jump, dammit! From time to time, VALOR jumps to another system. You will be expected to jump with us. If you jump late, the destination planet may be full. If you do not jump, you will eventually be kicked. If you are unable to jump, please advise an Admiral or one of the Grand Admirals. Should you find yourself unceremoniously booted thusly, do not take it personally; just ask one of the admirals: honorable warriors in good standing will always be made welcome in the ranks of VALOR.
  • Remain Vigilant: Careless talk costs lives; if you see careless or threatening talk on comms, whether by friend or foe, you are strongly encouraged to take a screenshot. It often helps to solve the who-did-what-to-whom kerfuffle that inevitably follows.
  • No Cheating: In every game, there are cheaters. Don’t be one of them. As far as the Admirals are concerned, “Cheaters are Traitors”.
  • Do not hit neutrals without good reason. They may be friends in disguise. If you wish to hit a neutral, check in with an Admiral or Officer so at least we know about it.
  • Know your colors: Green=Good-guys, Yellow=You-shouldn’t-hit, Red=Dead: Green are coalition (all VALOR clans). Yellow fleets, intended to inform commanders to be wary, is currently used to denote allies. Do not hit them without a good reason.You may hit any red targets with impunity.
  • Don’t Steal… Persistent thievery is not the VALOR way. If someone steals your cargo, warn them by PM, then hit them if they persist. Thieves will find no Safe Harbor within our ranks. Recidivist thieves within the ranks may be expelled and farmed out of existence.
  • …but if you must, Ask! If you have to steal for daily/BA, post it in comms or ask the player directly by PM, and wait until their cargo fleets, if present, have had their fill. Remember that it is impossible to “steal” from members of your own clan (blue fleets). Most Valorians are happy to share cargo to those who ask. And remember to pay it forward by posting “Free Cargo” so that we can help others.
  • Stay Frosty. No bleating or smack-talking in sector comms. It is understandable to want to vent your spleen if you have been ambushed and beaten, but try not to do so; such talk can start wars for no good reason, and can lead to long-standing strategic alliances bring strained or even broken. That sort of behavior is for children; VALOR is for grown-ups.
  • No farming during wartime. If a raid is going on, or our homeworld is being blockaded by red enemy fleets, do not farm. This is by no means a mortal sin, but it discourages friendlies, emboldens our enemies and makes us look bad. Even the little guys can do their bit here; if you see one of our boys fighting the good fight, and you spot another enemy poised nearby to finish him off, get a “spoiler” fleet in there to keep the bad guys off his back while he heads home. We are slow to forget such sacrifice… these are acts of VALOR.
  • Attention to Orders: For the most part, VALOR encourages its members to do their own thing. But there are times when extraordinary orders are issued by the Admirals; they expect those orders to be followed within a reasonable time.

If you remember nothing else, remember that Insubordination is a capital offense. When orders are given, they are expected to be followed wherever reasonably possible. The admirals understand that real life always takes priority, but willful refusal to follow Admiralty orders is grounds for dismissal with or without notification, and, in exceptional circumstances, limited punitive action. In extreme situations, such as treason or espionage, a Kill-On-Sight order may be enacted by the admiralty.

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