You’re losing me… Verizon Wireless

Studies have shown that irritating and annoying TV advertising works. That reflects poorly on the rest of us. An example is Verizon Wireless’ latest spate of TV ads which portray the father as a dimwitted boob whose only function is to supply wanted-but-unneeded phones to two ungrateful little brats who think that cellphones are for sharing meaningless yap with their friends. He then gets sidelined by a “best-buddy” Mom and ignored by the lot of them.

Call that family-friendly? I don’t. For behavior like that Dad should return the phones to the store and get his money back. As a friend of mine tells his teenage daughter: “You want a phone? Get a job.”

Fatherhood in America is under heavy fire. Too many fathers are either going AWOL or never reported for duty in the first place. Fatherless families are in danger of becoming the rule rather than the exception. Children – particularly boys – need a father to teach them the values that make a real man. The alternative is men raised by the media – shallow men with no sense of identity and poorly developed character who are more likely to view women as objects and repeat their father’s mistakes. But what would I know? I grew up without a father. I survived and prospered in spite it – not because of it.

The media generally portrays Fathers either as idiots or irrelevant – “Seventh Heaven” is the only show that I regularly watch that portrays fatherhood in a positive light.

Thanks Verizon Wireless, you have now become part of the problem – you have denigrated fatherhood and put me off your products.

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