The Ten Commandments of cell phone etiquette

An interesting piece. While I agree with the sentiment, I disagree with the execution.

Most of the problems with cellphones, whether on the road, in the theater or out and about are behavioral. To put it bluntly,, it has more to do with self-centeredness – a simple disregard for others- than anything else. In other words, it is not a cellphone problem so much as an attitude problem. Here are m contributions.

  • If thou hast a vibrate mode, thou shouldst use it when thy ringtone may be a distraction unto others.
  • Eschew the use of silly ringtones – few things are more embarrassing or distracting than somebody's handbag or pocket doing the Rhumba in the middle of Sunday morning Prayers. If you have to have your phone switched on, at least have it sound like a phone.
  • Hark! Thou dost not need to know every silly little piece of news within seconds of it happening. Life went on without cellphones for many scores of years without cellphones; you CAN switch yours off for half an hour without the world coming to an end!
  • Use not thy phone unless thou hath something to say. Sadly, women are the worst offenders, which is perhaps why phones are marketed mostly at them.
  • Teenagers – if thou desirest a phone thou shouldst gettest a job, for verily, money growth not on trees.

I don't agree with #4. Geeks don't care much for fashion, and I am not sure why he is so bothered about how many things we have on our belts. I suspect that he has his geeks and poseurs mixed up. If such things bother you, go and bug a Policeman, whose belts are festooned with all manner of useful goodies, and see how far it gets you.

#9 and #10 are really the same thing – variations on the theme of "look at me, I've got a cellphone!"

Don't bother e-mailing the author, though – the address provided is a dead one.

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