Coming soon: DMCA2, the Sequel

Assaulting a police officer: 5 years.
Assault and battery: 6 years.
Downloading Child Pornography: 7 Years.
Trying to copy a music CD: 10 Years.
Turning misdemeanors into felonies: Priceless.

Big Content (Big Music + Big Movie) is pushing for with a beefed-up version of the draconian and much-reviled Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). It also shows that they value their profits more than either the safety of Police Officers or the innocence of children.

Memo to Big Content: Stop trying to criminalize your customers. Give us what we want, when, where and how we what it. Stop telling us what to do with our stuff after we have bought it. And stop trying to sell us the same thing again and again.

The media corporations’ plan to get the criminal justice system to do their dirty work for them is now in its final stages. By buying the votes and souls or OUR elected representatives they are now on the verge of succeeding in replacing the DMCA with something even worse.

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