Copyright vs. Fair use: A twenty-first century consumer’s charter.

When I buy content, it is mine to do with as I see fit for my personal use. I will rip it, store and burn my music, transcode my video to PDA or other device, scan and compress my printed material for my personal use.

Copy-protection schemes will not infringe my right to repurpose my content for my personal use. Neither the DMCA nor any other legislation will infringe upon that right.

Where I source my content from is none of your business. Purchasing used content is legal, and any attempt to use technology to circumvent the First Sale Doctrine will be ignored.

Unless there are import restrictions I will assume that purchasing from overseas is legal. Where I purchase content is no business of yours. If you can outsource Production to China, then I can outsource my purchasing.

If that overseas MP3 site is really illegal, you may shut them down. If not, just shut up.

I do not, and will not install or use any peer-to-peer file-sharing utilities. Not so much out of fear of getting sued but mainly because I do not trust them from a security perspective.

Real-world rules apply. If it is legal to tape from the TV to VHS and keep the tape, it is legal to copy or rip to digital and keep the copy, as long as it is not commercially exploited.

Borrowed or rented content may be ripped or transcoded as appropriate and enjoyed for a short period of time before deleting all copies. If I want to keep it I will buy it. Fair enough?

I may occasionally share small amounts of content – say, the odd song – with an individual who asks for it. My understanding is that fair use laws permit me to share up to $1000-worth of content every six months. I am, and shall remain, well within that threshold.

I am a consumer. I want what I want, when I want it, how I want it. If you want to “Manage” rights, remember mine, and we’ll get along just fine – I will respect your right to commercially exploit your content if you will respect my right to fair use. Trample my rights in your haste to preserve yours, and I will simply take my purchasing dollars elsewhere.

Those are my rules. They are fair, and they balance my requirements with your need to profit.

These rights are not for sale, rent or hire.

They are not negotiable.

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