You’re losing me… DiscoverCard

I got one of your gas cards two year ago, because of the 5% cashback you were offering on petrol purchases.

This was a good thing.

Between February 2005 and September 2006 I have been awarded over $200 in credits to my account – about $10 a month in free petrol – without changing my buying habits.

This was a good thing.

Then in October you changed the rules and capped the cashback allowance to $60 per year. For me, this was effectively cutting the bonus in half.

This was not a good thing.

Your website and latest statement keep gushing things like “Keep using your Discover(R) Card and watch your Cashback Bonus(R) grow!”

That’s not really true anymore, it is?

Since you have changed your rules, I am changing mine: I will be using my card just enough to get the $60. Then I will stop using your card for the remainder of the year.

Without the cashback bonus, there’s no incentive to use it. Without that bonus, you’re just another credit card…

…and I don’t do credit cards.


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